About Us

IBRSOLUTIONS a global innovation and business research solutions providing company under Pat-E-Learn program presently offers Online Certificate Courses in Intellectual Property Rights.


Pat-E-Learn is an online patent studies certification program to increase IP-awareness among the business sector, technical sector, legal sector, and university sector by delivering core IP information and practical know-how in using IP for business success. The program is designed for science, engineering, law graduates, post graduates, PhDs, working professionals and corporate teams.



Pat-E-Learn is a platform for IP learning to gain in-depth understanding of the subject of IP generation, protection, commercialization and management and to build employable skills in IP domain. This certification program is fulfilling the unmet need of industry to have ready to work manpower. It brings industry IP experts as teachers closer to students from all corners of world through virtual means providing web-based and onsite, business-oriented education, bundled as a certification program, on the fundamentals of intellectual property such as patent searches, patent analysis, FTO analysis, patent drafting etc as well for preparation of Indian Patent agent examination.